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Created by the musical talents of Jared Steer on drums (Wayfarers, Sly Richard, Free Canoes, Bangkock Disco, Donkilo Afro Funk Orkestra, Ben Rudnick and Friends, to list a few), and Chris White.  Together with their last names combined they are White Steer (Steer, Steer, Steer echoing softly fading into the distance).  Although the band is made up of only two people, they provide a sound that stands out among the area!  You can find WhiteSteer playing great music most nights of the week at your favorite northern New Hampshire spots.  They've played at virtually every ski mountain in Northern NH, as well as many of NH's great watering holes, restaurants, and events!  Chris White and Jared Steer know how to have a good time, while providing great music for crowds of all sorts!  To book for your next party, venue, etc, please send us an email! 

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